You’ve heard us talking about it…

We hope that you are as excited as we are about the fresh new look. We recognize that along with change comes questions you might have regarding what has been happening to get to this point, what’s going on now, and what comes next.

The story of our visual identity refresh started with the name change. Member demand and public perception called for an update to the name with something less limiting than “administrative assistants”. The Qualified Administrative Assistant certificate and designation needed a revitalized name as well. It was hindering our ability to reach potential new enrollees, and the use of the word “qualified” was fairly subjective. So, in 2016, the name of our organization was changed to the Association of Administrative Professionals, and the designation evolved to become the Canadian Certified Administrative Professional. These new names reflect our desire to welcome members from all levels of the administration profession, from student up to skilled professional, and it reflects our purpose to assist members in expanding their education by providing growth opportunities.