As the Association’s National Director Vice President and MAL (Members-At-Large) Liaison, I welcome you to this site and invite you to read further about joining the Association of Administrative Professionals as a MAL!


MALs are an integral group of members within the Association of Administrative Professionals. This group of members is comprised of individuals who are geographically located in areas where there is currently no Association Branch. In addition to members who live from Vancouver Island to the Maritimes, we have two members who live in Bermuda and one who lives in Hong Kong.

MALs are actively encouraged to attend monthly meetings and educational seminars that may be hosted by Association Branches should the opportunity arise.

Where are our MAL members from?


We also have members from:

  • Antigua
  • Bermuda
  • North Valsayn, Trinidad
  • Qatar


Source of Information – in addition to the many benefits already outlined under Benefits to Members, members receive a subscription to Executive Secretary magazine (6 publications yearly) where timely and relevant admin related information can be found

Career Opportunities – the Association works collaboratively with assisting organizations in their search for administrative professionals. These opportunities are emailed directly to members and are posted on the Members’ Only section of our web page.

Webinars – On behalf of MALs, I constantly seek out complimentary, if not cost-effective webinars and other educational opportunities that can be taken advantage of.

ForMAL Focus – MALs’ own newsletter where contributions from all members are highly encouraged (Certification Renewal points for QAA holders!).

Social Media – now a platform in some work areas that has become part of an admin role.  Knowledge in social media is just as important as knowing the functionalities of Microsoft programs.  Learn useful tricks that could help ease what you are told to do or explore

ForMAL Focus Newsletter and Social Media benefits center on providing MALs the following;

1)      Inclusion
2)      Identity
3)      Connectivity (specific to your city or closer)
4)      Support
5)      Network all over Canada
6)      Share office values and ethics
7)      Share technology techniques


Even though MALs are not located within close proximity to a Branch, there are many volunteer activities within the Association that MALs can participate in that may enhance their leadership skills, public speaking skills, creative skills, etc.

Participation by MALs is greatly valued on the National Board of Directors, at Annual General Meetings (including local AGM Planning Committee Liaison), Communique Editor, etc., – the opportunities for participation are many! Recently there have been several instances where MALs in the same location have worked together to create a new branch in their area . . . the possibilities are endless.

I look forward to hearing from you – please feel free to contact me at:

Evelyn Serbout

National Director Vice-President & MAL Liaison


Interim Ottawa Branch

Welcome and thank you for visiting the Ottawa page. We would like to invite you to attend our monthly dinner meetings and speaker series. Further details to follow regarding our schedule.

Upcoming dinner meetings

September 20 – Adele Conn “Leadership & Volunteering”October 24 – Webinar
November 15 – Michelle White “Financial Planning”
December 12 – Carol Rice “Microsoft Gems”
January 17 – Jessica Seguin “Stress Management for Admins, with Guided Meditation”
March 21 – Ann Max “Productive to the Max”; AAP National President
April 17 – Helene Larocque “Workplace Wellness” Ottawa Branch meeting
May 16 – AGM
June 19 – Season Wrap-up event

Reactivating the Ottawa Branch

Reactivating the Ottawa branch discussion started in the early Q2 2018. Kim Picard, Interim Branch President rallied and contacted her network to enable the reactivation of this branch. Through her enthusiasm and passion for AAP, she was able to lead the initiative alongside the National VP & MAL Liaison. At the September 14, 2018 National Board meeting, a motion was put forward to reactivate the Ottawa branch. This was approved unanimously at the meeting. Ottawa will remain as an interim branch until its formal reactivation scheduled for May 2019 at our upcoming 2019 AGM & Conference.

Contact Information

For more information about the Ottawa Branch, email

For more information on branch dues or membership, email