Certification Renewal

Certification is an important credential that shows expertise in a given area. It is an achievement that you worked hard for, but it doesn’t end there.

Renewing your certification is your commitment to it. It shows employers and potential employers that your skills are up to date, you take your certification seriously, and ongoing professional development is important to you.

The certification renewal period is three years starting from when you are awarded your certification. The certification renewal fee of $100 covers the three-year period.  Certification renewal credits (CRCs) must be attained during the renewal period. Forty credits are required for the CCAP certification renewal and thirty credits are required for the CCAPA certification renewal.

Download our Certification Renewal Guidebook for information and answers to all your questions.

Certification Renewal Application

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For more information, email the CCAP National Coordinator at [email protected].


Why do I need to renew every three years?
As with other professions, we take our AAP certifications seriously. It is important to keep skills and knowledge current in today’s workforce. You felt it was important to earn the certification and it is just as important to keep it.

CCAP and CCAPA graduates are required to renew their certification every three years by earning Certification Renewal Credits (CRCs) through workplace training, involvement in the AAP and other professional, educational and community activities. These certification credits will be very “attainable”. This renewal process is in line with most professional bodies that bestow designations.

How do I know if I have to renew my CCAP or CCAPA certification?
Anyone in the CCAP program since 2010 must renew their certification. Upon graduating new designation holders are provided with information about the process. The CCAP National Coordinator contacts those in the certification renewal program.
What do I need to do to renew my CCAP certification?
There is a $100 certification renewal fee that must be paid each renewal period. If you hold the CCAP designation you must earn 40 CRCs every three years. If you hold the CCAPA designation you must earn 30 CRCs every three years. Proof of credits can be submitted through your online CCAP/CCAPA profile to be reviewed and approved or directly to the CCAP National Coordinator via email.
How do I earn certification renewal credits?
Credits are earned through workplace training, involvement in the AAP and other professional, educational and community activities. A full list is available in the Certification Renewal Application.
How are the credits submitted?
Through your online CCAP/CCAPA profile you have the ability to enter your renewal activities and upload supporting documentation. The CCAP National Coordinator will then review and approve your submission or request further information if needed.
How often can I submit information about renewal credits earned during the three year period?
You can submit your renewal activity information any time during the three-year period. If you want to submit the information every time you earn credits towards your renewal you can or you can accumulate them and submit them annually, or submit everything just prior to the end of your three-year period.
What happens if I can’t earn enough credits in the three years?
CRCs are very attainable. It is not the intention of the AAP to make it difficult for anyone to earn enough credits. The CCAP National Coordinator will be communicating with you and tracking your progress throughout the three-year period. Any difficulties earning credits should be discussed with the Coordinator.
How soon can I start earning CRCs?
You may begin earning points toward certification renewal immediately upon receiving your designation. Points cannot be carried over for a future certification renewal period.