Get AAP Working For You

  • EDUCATION: Our Association offers an accreditation attained through courses available at universities and colleges across Canada. This designation, recognized in the professional environment, can lead to greater challenges, opportunities, and financial remuneration to those who have achieved the Canadian Certified Administrative Professional (CCAP) designation.
  • PROFESSIONAL & PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: The Association sponsors a variety of events and activities within local branch communities and nationally: conferences, receptions, lunch/dinner meetings, workshops, seminars/forums, and guest speaker events.
  • LEADERSHIP: The Association promotes voluntary leadership at both the local and national levels that provides valuable experience in professional and community environments.
  • INNOVATION: A vital characteristic of a successful leader is the ability to envision enriching the future. The Association fosters members to visualize and achieve opportunities to grow professionally, contribute to the role of an office professional and be a model of innovation in technology and trends.
  • BEST PRACTICES: We share best practices, tips and tricks through a variety of methods including our national newsletter, branch communications and meetings, and other online venues. “Members Helping Members” is how we determine who has the specific ‘know-how’ or who or can point you in the right direction for solutions and strategies. The opportunity to meet with other office professionals at national meetings and via e-communications provides a network of resources from across Canada.
  • CREATIVITY: One of the most valuable benefits of our Association membership is the opportunity to ‘listen in’ on the creativity of our peers. Members are encouraged to provide input and solutions to Association business and to ever-improving our membership benefits.
  • NEW MEMBERS: We take great pride in merging the new ideas and enthusiasm of our new members with the experience and wisdom of our existing members.
  • PUBLICATIONS: The Association provides access to a variety of online publications and articles of interest.
  • DISCOUNTS: Association membership provides access to discount offers from various sources. Click here for a full listing of Membership Benefits.

There is something special about celebrating successes and triumphs with like-minded people; of achieving recognition for the good work we have done; and of feeling the satisfaction of true accomplishment. These are true rewards of our efforts. OUR ASSOCIATION HELPS YOU MAKE THEM.



  • VALUE as educated personnel committed to continued self-improvement.
  • ABILITY to manage people, situations, and equipment.
  • FLEXIBILITY to embrace new challenges in emerging business and technology trends.
  • DEMONSTRATED COMPATIBILITY to work as a productive member of a team.
  • Exposure to RESOURCES that provide instant access to valuable information, resources and networks.