Employer’s Guidelines


  1. Job posting must relate to the administrative profession.
  2. The minimum salary for positions must be $35,000.
  3. A position description must accompany the job posting.
  4. Closing date for receipt of applications must be specified.
  5. Postings shown as Until Position is Filled will be removed after 90 days unless a request for extension is received.
  6. The location of where the position is located must be included.
  7. Contact details for the company/organization posting the career opportunity must be provided.
  8. A fee for each position distributed will be charged to companies/organizations wishing to circulate positions via the Association’s e-mail distribution system and posting to the Association’s website based on the following:

Distribution to Association Members by e-mail and posting on the Home Page of the Association’s website under Careers (public access) Fee: $300.00. We offer the option of paying by Bank E-transfer, Cheque, Credit Card, and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Note: there is a $50.00 charge to change any vacancy once distributed to the membership and posted on our web-site.

Potential Employers should contact the Director-Vice President at [email protected] regarding posting of job vacancies in Canada for e-mail distribution to our members or for our web site.

Free job postings are included in our sponsorship opportunities, details in our sponsorship section.