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    Embarking on the AAP journey can be an exciting and transformative experience. To ensure a smooth and successful path, we highly recommend visiting our FAQ section.

  • Red Deer and Hamilton Update

    We are excited to announce that our Red Deer and Hamilton branches are now integrated under our MAL umbrella. This means better communication, more resources, and a stronger sense of community for all members. We are committed to continuing to grow our association with our members, and this integration is just one step towards reaching that goal.

    If you would like additional information and/or opportunities for future involvement, please reach out directly to the National Director Vice-President and MAL Liaison at [email protected].

    Let’s work together to ensure that everyone has a voice in shaping the future of our association, and for a more connected and supportive experience with AAP!

  • AAP Event Schedule

    Explore the latest AAP Event Schedule to stay updated on upcoming events organized by the National Board and the Branch Executive Committees!

Event Calendar

  • Sep 01 2024

    Webinars, resources, lessons, and more!



    We are working diligently to prepare an incredible lineup of webinars, lessons,
    and administrative resources for our members.

    Stay tuned for our schedule announcement so you can keep advancing in your journey of growth!