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Photos of the Moncton skyline during and after sunset, 10 October 2013


Atlantic Branch members collectively agreed at the branch AGM held in Spring 2023 to operate as a virtual branch, under the umbrella of Members-At-Large for the 2023-2024 fiscal year due to volunteer and attendance challenges faced in the past couple of years. The branch will operate without an executive team and will not conduct branch business meetings while under this virtual format. Members of the Atlantic branch will, however, have the option to reactivate as a physical branch in 2024 (or 2025 if additional time is needed) once volunteers step forward to create a full branch executive.

Everyone is still strongly encouraged to meet, network, discuss career development and support, and socialize via member-initiated and member directed gatherings both in-person and virtually (through AAP’s online community) during this year and onward. The end goal is for the Atlantic membership base to engage with one another – to collaboratively rebuild a new beginning for our #AAPAtlantic community!

If you are interested in joining the Atlantic Branch (currently under the MAL umbrella) or would like additional information about the branch’s current decision and/or opportunities for future branch involvement, please reach out directly to the National Director Vice-President and MAL Liaison: [email protected]


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