What started as a desire and online research for one course became a journey of seven when I stumbled upon the CCAP designation and the AAP. While working through the courses and attending branch meetings, it really sunk in with me that being in the administration field is a profession as valuable as any other. We are professionals providing a vital service to others, so we must continually educate ourselves to keep current and provide the best service we can to our executive partners. It’s been an enlightening journey.
– Carrie M., CCAP, PACE (Edmonton Branch)


My boss is very enthusiastic and supportive of my studies and of my working towards this designation. She sees that not only will it benefit me but it benefits the organization to support me in growing myself as an Executive Assistant.

It’s been wonderful to meet new people and challenge myself to learn new things. I have truly enjoyed my studies so far. I also love the flexibility that I can take the courses online as I have 2 small children and a partner who works shift work, so committing myself to one night per week at class was difficult! Thank you to the Association for providing such a wonderful program to assist all of us to grow, learn and evolve in our roles.
– Sue C. (Barrie/Simcoe County Branch)


I joined the Association of Administrative Professionals in 2012, after attending a member dinner meeting with a friend. Deciding to attend that dinner meeting was one of the best decisions I have ever made, professionally and personally.  I was looking to join a professional organization to gain support in my career, as well as meet other people within the administrative field.  The women (and some men) I have met over the years have given me support, strength and professional guidance. I joined the Executive Board a few years ago as the Membership Coordinator and was in that role for two terms. This term, I hold the position of CCAP Educational Ambassador.

As a member of the Association, as well as an Executive Board Member, I have had numerous opportunities to network, grow and thrive. I have been given the opportunity to attend countless events, conferences, workshops, meetings and meet people I never thought I would meet. I have created lasting relationships with a lot of the members as well as the other members of the Executive Board. With all of these connections, I feel enriched and supported to do anything I set myself up for and I am encouraged to work hard, continue learning and keep growing.
– Dixie D. (Calgary Branch)


I joined the Association in November 2015 after searching online and discovering the website. At the time, I was seeking support and connection to like-minded individuals. I attended my first Dinner Meeting on November 23, 2018 and received a warm welcome by attendees and Executive Board Members alike. The women at the meeting were encouraging, fun, supportive, kind and experts in their field – I found the group that I had been searching for! I joined the Executive Board shortly after becoming a member and have enjoyed fulfilling my role as a “Community Engagement Coordinator”. Through the Association, I have had the opportunity to network with and learn more about others and myself. It is through these connections that I have gained educational tools, valuable experience and many new friends. I encourage all members to continue working hard in their field, learn continuously and become involved with the Association, whether it is by attending the AAP Monthly Dinner Meetings, Professional Workshops, National events, reaching out via email or social media, or joining the Executive Board – you never know which opportunities are just waiting to be discovered!
– Vanessa R. (Calgary Branch)


I’ve been a member of the Association of Administrative Professionals (previously Association of Administrative Assistants) since 2007.  I joined as a means to network with peers also working in administrative careers, as well as to fulfill one of my performance appraisal goals at the time which centered around professional development.  Over the past 10+ years I’ve gained invaluable knowledge on so many different subjects that have helped me in my administrative role: originally as an Administrative Assistant, later as Office Administrator, and the Executive Assistant and now as Executive Support Specialist for two Executives, and a project management team.  I am also very proud of having been able to complete my CCAP designation (previously QAA).  I successfully graduated in 2009 and received the highest GPA award that year.  I have been afforded many opportunities as a result of my membership in the AAP, and it has definitely been beneficial to my resume at times when I’ve found myself seeking new employment opportunities.  I have been with the same employer now for almost 7 years, and my present employer definitely recognizes the benefits of my belonging to a professional organization such as the AAP.  I’ve had the opportunity over the last decade to enrich my membership experience by participating on the Executive Committee at the branch level, as well as on the National Board, and I have happily attended many National AGM’s across Canada.  In networking with other administrative professionals in the Hamilton area, and across the country, I have without a doubt made lifelong friends as well.  I ascribe to the saying that “you get what you give” so if you are looking for an avenue to grow in your administrative career, consider joining the Association of Administrative Professionals; but don’t stop there!  Attend the membership meetings, consider joining a Branch Executive, or even the National Board.  If you put some effort into your membership, you won’t regret it!
– Heather G. (Hamilton Branch)


The Association has provided me with the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone and take on challenges that are not within my skillset. My employment has benefited greatly because I have learned to be very confident in my abilities and I am always willing to not only take on new responsibilities and tasks but to also share everything that I learn with others. The wonderful friends I have made continually inspire me to grow as a person, teach me to see things in differently, and support me in my endeavours.
– Wendy N., CCAP (Member at Large)


J’ai d’abord joint une association professionnelle lorsque je complétais mon éducation postsecondaire il y a de ça 12 ans déjà. En suivant le leadership de mon enseignante, j’ai joint une association professionnelle pour apprendre et pour bénéficier de ce que d’autres adjointes professionnelles accomplissaient très bien. L’association était par contre américaine et faisait que l’information partagée n’était pas toujours pertinente pour nous les canadien.ne.s. J’ai donc été très contente de joindre AAP en 2016, enfin une association canadienne!! En plus de continuer de bénéficier de l’expertise de mes collègues, ce réseau me permet d’être en contact avec des gens de chez nous. Les apprentissages  sont donc beaucoup plus pertinents et les contacts sont plus faciles. Les possibilités de réseautages offertes par AAP sont hors pair. Il est pour moi très important de continuer d’être au courant des nouvelles tendances du marché et l’association des adjointes professionnelles répond très bien à ce besoin.
– Mariane C. (Moncton Branch)


When you work for a Non Profit, work is always challenging but exciting.

I was encouraged by a colleague to join an association. After some research I found the Association of Administrative Professionals, AAP (previously known as the Association of Administrative Assistants (AAA), their meetings were two blocks from my office, no excuse.

I attended my first meeting in the spring of 2014 and immediately felt welcome by our President and the wonderful and versatile ladies I met that day. After learning about the CCAP (Canadian Certified Administrative Professional (formerly known as the Qualified Administrative Assistant, QAA) designation and Program, I threw my boss for a loop by asking for a meeting with her, and instead of asking for a salary increase I asked to be allowed to tap into our Professional Development Fund to achieve my designation which our Company would benefit from.

I was approved and supported by my boss, co-worker, husband as he had to pick me up two nights a week after school, and my children who got a kick out of mom going to school. It was a challenging three years but my cheerleaders at AAP were there to encourage me at our monthly networking meetings. I finished my courses in the summer of 2017 and received my designation in 2018.

The sense of accomplishment and lifelong friendship you gain by being part of this Association (AAP) is well worth the journey.
– Mary A., CCAP (Toronto Branch)


As a recipient of the $100 bursary for highest marks in the QAA program, I would like to thank the Edmonton Branch for their role in providing the encouragement and inspiration to continue through the years to reach that goal. It is not easy to attend classes after work, raise a family and take courses at the same time as many of you know, however when we see others reach their goal we see that it is possible. When the goal of receiving the QAA Certificate has been achieved it is the greatest feeling of accomplishment. I also appreciated finding a way to extend my education in the administrative field. I was unable to take a regular two year, full time course at any of the colleges because of my family commitments. This program fit my education goals perfectly. I would like to encourage all who are interested in learning more to take part in this program, you will not regret it, it is a great aid to helping you reach your career goals.
– Muriel Rynierse